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Houston Plumbing Services | Toilet Tank Leak

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Recent Plumbing Jobs Performed in Houston, TX
  • Toilet Repair
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Sewer Backup
  • Septic Tank Inspection
  • Replace Shower Valve
  • Plumbing Snake
  • Replace Leaking Faucet
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Install Bathtub
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Jetting Sewer Lines
  • Fix Broken Pipe
  • Replace Leaking Faucet
  • Replace Shower Drain
  • Clogged Bathroom Sink
  • Channel Drain
  • Emergency Plumbing Service
Popular Plumbing Fixtures In Houston, TX
Produts like Drain sink, grabage disposal shower faucets. sink valves, water heaters etc for darin cleaning, hydro jetting, fixing bursting pipes, driveway drainage etc
Reviews Form Customers On Toilet Tank Leak : Houston, TX
  • I had to wait a while because of the weather and they were busy,but they were worth the wait! Had to have a new gas line installed and lines in my attic replaced. They came in and got everything done in one day and charged me a fraction of what everyone else wanted, Great job and courteous service. Will never use anyone else
    KY Energy Pro. Inc.
  • If I could give them 0 Stars I would. The technician that came out was extremely in experienced. We were having an issue with 2 toilets. The one toilet he said was "just a kink in the chain"... the other toilet he stated did not have a leak like we suspected. The only thing he did was pour red dye in that tank (and all over the toilet seating... staining it PINK) and said there wasn't a leak because their was no dye in the toilet bowl. Well I called for a 2nd opinion on the "kink chain toilet". There was no "kink", the unit inside the tank was older and needed to be replaced because there was very clearly water coming out of the top where there wasn't suppose to be. The repairmen told me that anyone with any type of plumbing experience would have seen that right away! Unfortunately, I didn't get a 2nd opinion on the other toilet that same day. I now have water damage on my hardwood floors because the toilet was in fact leaking, but out of the bottom of the tank and not into the bowl!! When I spoke with the company about the misdiagnoses the lady argued with me and was VERY rude when I tried to set an appointment for them to fix the problem properly. I decided to instead pay the 2nd opinion company again to come out so that I would never ever have to deal with this company again.
    Sarah Smith
  • How hard to find a good handyman, Luckily, I found one. Quest Handyman (Gus) who can do anything from minor plumbing repairs to fixing those odds and ends around the house. Door isn't closing right? Need a faucet installed? Call Gus. He does a great job and is a stand-up individual. And the best part is, that he truly enjoys and cares about his work. I introduced Gus to my aunt and my neighbor. He installed a faucet in my neighbor's home and widow blinds for my aunt's. she was extremely happy with his work.He was on top of the job and didn't waste a moment to finish things up. He makes an effort to keep the area he's working clean and neat. I needed a new door knob and shelving. Gus installed a new door knobs, got the wood, stained it and put them up. They look fantastic.Thank you Gus, you will be always recommended.Rula A.
  • I was very happy with the quote I received from JMH construction because every other company I called to get an estimate wouldn't even consider doing the job. JMH did it with no problem they did a great job.

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