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First off i am new to the forums so hello everyone. Ok so i bought a house back in October and just recently discovered these two drains by the side of my house. They were covered up with dirt. At first i thought they were some kind of tile drain to drain water in the yard because the side of the house holds quite a bit of water when it rains. One of the drains was capped off and the other was an attempt to be capped off by what looks like a butter container haha. They were full of dirt so i pulled out what i could. The one on the right side had dirt mixed with bits and pieces of food such as cheerios and potatoes. So are these some kind of vent drains because they are close to the kitchen? I have had problems with the laundry room drain, which does seem like a vent problem. Sorry so long, i tried explaining the best i could. Thankyou in advance for any help. Here is a link to a picture.
Category: plumber Post By: Jim Reeves (Waverly, MI), 09/15/2017
From the picture and your description, my best guess is that these are cleanouts to access the drain and sewer lines for your house. Keep in mind that is ONLY a guess, though. I would try to flush them out with a water hose to get all of the dirt and such out. Then try draining a sink full of water and check if you can see water flowing down the line below these openings. If that turns up nothing, try checking again next time the laundry is draining. It is not normal or acceptable to terminate a vent at ground level, so I don't think a vent is what you are looking at. Also, if they were meant to be a yard drain, they should have a grate to hold back leaves and the like, but the one appears to have some type of cast cover. Let us know what you find.

- Joshua Baker (Castleberry, AL), 10/16/2017

Thanks for the help. Ill keep you informed.

- Unlimited Ac And Heating (Cheshire, OH), 10/16/2017

Its a 2-way cleanout for sure.

- Frank A (Waldorf, MN), 10/16/2017

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