Forum Title: Running tab when washing machine is on
Hi I have a strange thing happening at my home. When my washing machine is running, it appears to have an effect on my kitchen tab. It seems to start running a little as soon as my washing machine is consuming water. Could this be because of back pressure in combination with marginally leaking rubber (not sure this is the right English word: rubber which keeps tabs from leaking)? Thanks for any thoughs on this one !
Category: plumber Post By: Jeffery Larson (Richardville, MN), 09/15/2017
It seems likely. The rubber washer in the faucet is probably going (or gone) bad and is allowing water to pass by it when the washing machine is using the water supply. If you disassemble the faucet, you will probably find the washer broken or shredding.

- Loretta Beck (Hartford, SD), 10/16/2017

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