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Hello all, i'm somewhat new to plumbing but purchased my house a year ago and am getting a crash course. i need redid my kitchen so i'm redoing all of my under sink shutoffs and T's. Also i have a slop sink and 1/2 bath that have all stuck shutoffs or leaky compression fittings from hard water and time. all of my joints are blue with oxidization. My question is, since my basement ceiling is gutted from running wires, pin holes in copper pipes at 2 places. Should i just redo the whole thing in PEX? it's not that much more than i'm already fixing just the straight runs to it. My whole house is 1/2" 20yr old copper. if so, what 'type' of pex should i use for the straight runs? i'm a regular on
Category: plumber Post By: California Air Conditioning Systems, Inc. (Baneberry, TN), 09/15/2017
This is the second time today that I have seen an unanswered thread show up in this section that I don't remember seeing before. Perhaps something going on with the forum? With multiple instances of the copper pipe springing leaks, I would say that with the ceiling down anyway, it is time to repipe. Anyway, I have not worked with PEX pipe very much, but it seems to me that one of the pluses of PEX is that it saves you fittings. With that in mind, I would probably opt for rolls of PEX pipe.

- Moody Heating And Air Conditioning (Grayland, WA), 10/16/2017

I also agree with using PEX. I would really consider utilizing a manifold, so your pressure remains constant with home runs and it also gives you the ability to shut down one specific line, if repairs are ever needed.

- Schuler's Heating Air & Electrical (Chapin, SC), 10/16/2017

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