Forum Title: Pressure in kitchen sink
A little help if you please... Our kitchen sink has VERY low pressure. It's almost down to a trickle. We have a hand sprayer, which sprays just fine so it's not the water coming in. What's funny is if/when we use the hand sprayer first, then the main spigot comes out a *little* faster, but then drops off after 5 seconds. My guess is crud or air in one of the lines, but I'm afraid to mess with disconnecting things since with my luck I'll wind up with a major league leak after putting everything back together. Is there any way to create back pressure to clean the gunk and/or clean the air WITHOUT disconnecting the pipes?
Category: plumber Post By: Aaa Refrigeration (Four Corners, OR), 09/15/2017
Based on your description, the problem is probably in your faucet. You can try to tear it apart (and hope you put it back together correctly) or just get a new one. First, take off your supply lines leading to your faucet, and flush the lines into a container. You should be able to tell if the pressure is similar on both the hot and cold lines, eliminating the chance that your pipes are getting clogged with rust of calcium build up.

- Donald M (Willow Island, NE), 10/16/2017

It could also be the screen in the faucet if you have one, the ones in my house get little chunks of white stuff (Calcium) all the time and make them run really slow.

- Stella Smith (Penns Creek, PA), 10/16/2017

Remove the aerator on the end of the spout. It unscrews, and remember, turn it clockwise since it is upside down while you are standing above it. When you use the sprayer, it relieves some of the junk in the aerator screens and that is why the flow improves for a moment.

- Adrian G. (Hall, IN), 10/16/2017

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