Forum Title: Leak on Hot Water Valve
I replaced my Washing Machine Connector hoses today, both Hot and Cold. When both were installed, I proceeded to turn the water back on and noticed a leak on the Hot Water Valve. Once the valve was completely on, the leak was very very small. After turning the valve down and up a few times the leak has gotten stronger. The leak isn't major, but it is enough to where the problem needs to be fixed asap. My guess is the washer in the hot water valve is cracked and allowing the water to leak out, but not 100% sure. Any suggestions and tips to help me fix my leak? Thanks!
Category: plumber Post By: Pack Hvac Services,llc (La Marque, TX), 09/15/2017
I'm going to presume the leak is coming from the valve stem, being that you installed new hoses and the hose connections are not leaking. Usually these valves don't get turned off and on very much and the stem packing gets old and dry. Sometimes you can tighten the packing nut on the stem a little and the leak will stop. If not the valve may need to be replaced. It's easier to replace them than to repair them.

- David Miller (Atlantic Beach, FL), 10/16/2017

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