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Hi, I got solar a few years ago. I stopped using public utilities, so I don't have hot water in my hot water heater. That said, the heater started to leak and I had it disconnected and I drained it... but it's still leaking. What I want to know is: are the hot water pipes connected in such a way that even if the hot water heater isn't connected where water runs into it from the outside pipes, water still runs into it from the pipes that fill with cold water??? I may not be asking this very clearly. I was going to have the hot water heater taken out, and the outgoing pipe sealed... but now I'm afraid to do that because maybe that outgoing pipe allows water from the overall pipes to flow backwards into the tank...???? HELP????
Category: plumber Post By: Zachary Sandoval (Passaic, MO), 09/15/2017
Quote: Originally Posted by ConsiderThis I may not be asking this very clearly. HELP???? That is an understatement. I'm confused as to which type of solar water heater you have. Is it a passive system? Most passive solar systems work in conjunction with your original water heater, but are used to heat the water before it enters the tank. This solar system saves you energy because you might only have to heat the water 20 degrees instead of the normal 60 degrees for no solar system. The tank is then a source of hot water to distribute thru your pipes. If your tank was leaking after you had it drained and disconnected, there would be no way you could continue to have a leak, unless they failed to disconnect both the cold in line and the hot out lines, and capped both sides. Is it your intent to run only the solar water directly to the hot water pipes? If so, you will only have limited hot water, and the hot out line from the solar unit must be connected directly to your hot out line where the water heater was installed. This way, you would have a completely closed circuit, and no chance of leaking. If your tank had developed a leak, the best solution would be to replace it as your hot water storage, but if you want to run free from either gas or electricity, just shut off the circuit breaker if electric, or close off your gas supply valve. I hope I've helped you and not confused you further.

- Henry Solomon (French Settlement, LA), 10/16/2017

Ah... I see. I don't have a solar hot water heater. I simply have my old water heater... I heat my water during the winter over a candle Or several candles. During the summer I use a 100' drinking water safe hose in the sun... So, the heater is left over. Does that help? **** I, too, felt there could be no way it could continue to leak once the ingoing water pipe was disconnected. I continued to believe that in the face of evidence to the contrary until I had several yards of wet Saltillo... I think the water must be coming from the pipe that used to carry water FROM the hot water heater...

- Lynn Schneider (Lake Henry Township, MN), 10/16/2017

Shop Whirlpool 24L Flex Water Line at heater supply line&Ntk=i_products&pl=1¤tURL=/pl__0__s?newSearch=true$Ntt=water heater supply line$y=9$x=16 OK, I understand now. Yes, you must close the circuit. Just remove the water heater and purchase a supply line similar to what is pictured above, connect it to the existing water heater inlets and outlets, and you should be good to go!

- Joel Adams (Cumberland, ME), 10/16/2017

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