Forum Title: elevatorguy, with some questions about something I have no clue about...So be nice.
Ok so if you have two toilets upstairs with 4 inch sewer out and a 4 inch vent up the roof then you wanna rough in a bathroom 8 feet below that in the "basement" and cracking into the main sewer then why do you need to vent that? I'm gonna do it right so not a hack but just thinking about it I wonder, is it if you flush the toilet at the time upstairs and downstairs. I just have been thinking too much about my project and know I need to run a new vent because my original vent 2 toilet one is 15 feet away, I just don't get the fact that the sewer line is still vented, the toilets above me have that 4 inch vent. So if I break in with a toilet 8 feet below in the main line will not that be vented?? I'm just perplexed, the only thing I can think is if you flushed at the same time it might be a issue? Hey rip me all you want plumbers I'm just wondering about this.
Category: plumber Post By: Hi-tech Engineers 09974987555 Hvac Repair Service (Westwood, KY), 09/15/2017
The main reason you need to vent the new bathroom is siphonage. A plumbing system experiences both positive and negative pressures when in use. When you flush the upstairs toilet, as the waste goes by it causes a negative pressure, pulling the water from your traps in the lower bathroom. Was that nice enough for you?

- Suze Mellon (Virginia, ND), 10/16/2017

Elevators lift you when you are down. Sorry I had to but yes what reedwalker said it needs to be vented.

- Islasbromechanical (Belle Rive, IL), 10/16/2017

Reminds me of when I saw a bumper sticker that said, Elevator workers do it up and down. BTW, Otis Elevators FTW!

- Johnson & Sons Hvac Llc (Linntown, PA), 10/16/2017

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