Forum Title: Dishwasher came lose
My dishwasher has worked itself lose in the process making the screw holes much to big. The counter top is a laminate on a particle board base. How do I reattach it to the counter?
Category: plumber Post By: Joe M (Middleville, MN), 09/15/2017
You might try several toothpicks coated with wood glue tapped into the oversize holes. Once the glue dries, cut the excess toothpicks off and reinstall the screws. Make sure to use enough toothpicks so that you have to lightly tap them in place with a hammer.

- Jason Lee (Herricks, NY), 10/16/2017

^ That is probably the best approach, but me being impatient, I just move it back, forward, sideways, or just bend the bracket 1/2 to get a fresh bite into the particle board.

- Brian Hopkins (Powell, AL), 10/16/2017

^^That's a great tip. I hate partical board ^ I agree. just bend the tab or move the screw is usually what I do

- John Melon (Prairiewood, SD), 10/16/2017

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