Forum Title: Bathstore toilet seat fitting
Hi,I have a toilet which I believe is of the close couple type.The seat is soft close and keeps coming adrift from the pole on the pan.All I can see is a single small screw to attach it. I must be missing something,can anyone assist? Many thanks
Category: plumber Post By: Jeanette Wade (Commodore, PA), 09/15/2017
I am having trouble visualizing the problem. Is it possible to attach a picture?

- Timothy Caarter (Camp Point, IL), 10/16/2017

Yeah, I had a hard time understanding this as well.

- Answerd By Garry Thomas (Oconto Falls, WI), 10/16/2017

Lost me @ close couple. and completly confused @ coming adrift from the pole on the pan

- Sub-cooling Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. (Huntington, WV), 10/16/2017

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