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Hi all, I have an old house that has been beat up and the plumbing has bad water pressure, but I'm pretty sure that is due to the old galvanized piping that looks pretty rusted throughout. But with the vents, I don't see anything from a cursory glance except for a vent actually sitting to the left of my toilet/sink upstairs (located exactly above the sink/toilet downstairs). It doesn't smell, but shouldn't vents go up and out of the house? What do I have to describe to you (or can you tell me) to find out if I have sufficient venting? For any help, I would so greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Dan
Category: plumber Post By: Seasons Heating Cooling (Alango, MN), 09/15/2017
I have seen a few houses that have been remodeled or had a new roof put on and the lazy contractors failed to put it through the roof. If you have no smell you're lucky. I would be more worried about sewer bugs though. You definitely don't want those in your attic. And just because they are not there today does not mean they won't be there in the future. Definitely needs to go through the roof!

- Betty T Lacure (Eagle Lake, MN), 10/16/2017

Hi Reedwalker, Thanks for the lightning reply! Now, if I get it through the roof, while I'm at it, should I check to see if it was vented down where it connects to the main pipe correctly? Should I post pics? Thanks, Dan

- Nicholas Cooper (Cambridge, IA), 10/16/2017

Definitely, conventional vents should go through the roof. Any pictures, or preferrably diagrams of the piping as it is installed, would be helpful.

- Rb Heating & Air (Frontenac, MO), 10/16/2017

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