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Detroit Plumbing Services | Toilet Tank Leak

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I Use My Kitchen a Lot: What Can I Do to Keep My Drains Working Well?

Following these steps will help make the kitchen the wonderful place you need it to be. Saddleback Plumbing has a MVP Preventive Plumbing Inspection program that will help keep your kitchen’s drains working well—as well as all the other parts of your kitchen’s plumbing system. We know that having a working kitchen means a lot to you, especially if cooking is more than a necessity, but also a joy and a hobby ..Read More

Recent Plumbing Jobs Performed in Detroit, MI
  • Toilet Replacement
  • Water Heater Service
  • Sewer Installation
  • Sump Pump Repair
  • Shower Valve Replacement
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Leak Detection
  • Repair Drain Clog
  • Tub Repair
  • Installing A Garbage Disposal
  • Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines
  • Repair Leaking Water Pipe
  • Shower Faucet Replacement
  • Replace Shower Drain
  • Unclog Sink
  • Foundation Drainage
  • Residential Plumbing
Popular Plumbing Fixtures In Detroit, MI
Produts like Drain sink, grabage disposal shower faucets. sink valves, water heaters etc for darin cleaning, hydro jetting, fixing bursting pipes, driveway drainage etc
Reviews Form Customers On Toilet Tank Leak : Detroit, MI
  • I paid $300 to dump my septic and clear the lines and they left the septic full because I didn't stand over them and watch them do the work! I lost all that money cause they refuse to come dump my septic tank and promised during their second visit to my house and Im still having problems. WOW is this the way Collenton County businesses treat people! I can't believe he is still in business.
    Alison Mechanical
  • I like other fine people of Franklin, have been a part of getting the chance to experience the great services of Joslin plumbing & Heating. I would like to add that the folks there are caring and loyal to there customers and strive on meeting their needs of service and as quickly as possible. The employees of Joslin Plumbing go to all means necessary to make their customers happy and satisfied and also they take every precautions to protect their customers home and valuables while there performing their services! I would reccommend Joslin Plumbing & Heating to anyone for their plumbing & heating needs. Give them a call, I promise you want go wrong! I know first hand,(Honest & Professional)
    Aiden Green
  • Martin A came to my home to change the water purification system filters and check on our water softener. He was so polite and professional, very pleasant and you could tell he really knew what he was doing. Thank you so much Martin for our yearly filter change and equipment check. It was a pleasure having you in our home.
  • They never informed us of a service charge.. Left within ten minutes of arrival after checking my water meter which I said I had already done and still nothing about a service charge. 3 months later we get a bill for $85. Call them, "Oopsies, it is supposed to be $35. Mistakes happen and we still have to get our money, so it is not my problem that no one informed you." Then we were threatened with a lien on our house for the $35 amidst chuckles from whoever was on the phone with us. LIVID.
    Luis Galarza

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