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Columbus Plumbing Services | Toilet Tank Leak

Guest Post: Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

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Recent Plumbing Jobs Performed in Columbus, OH
  • Install Toilet
  • Hot Water Tank Leaking
  • Sewer Drain
  • Sump Pump Repair
  • Installing Shower Valve
  • Plumbing Rooter
  • Leak Detection Services
  • Replace Sink Drain
  • Bathtub Installation
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Replace Water Pipe
  • Replace Bathroom Faucet
  • Replace Shower Drain
  • Unclog Bathroom Sink
  • Drainage Solutions
  • General Plumbing
Popular Plumbing Fixtures In Columbus, OH
Produts like Drain sink, grabage disposal shower faucets. sink valves, water heaters etc for darin cleaning, hydro jetting, fixing bursting pipes, driveway drainage etc
Reviews Form Customers On Toilet Tank Leak : Columbus, OH
  • Good job guys and i want to thank u again for the help.... great, clean, and really cheap... I recommend this company to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stay away front his company!!! In 2008 I had the company send Rick a technician to do warranty work on my new house. I complained about my house being hot in the summer. Tech said that I had a delta t of 14 degrees (the difference of temp coming into the return and out the supply) and that system was functioning properly. Unfortunately I took their word. After 8 years of being hot I called a reputable company to come and check my system again. The HVAC system still operating with a delta t of 14 degrees. The new company looked at my HVAC system owner manual. They calculated my dry bulb temp and wet bulb temp and used the chart in the owners manual to determine that the system wasn't functioning properly. After the new company came a put two pounds of freon into my HVAC system I now have a 20 degree Delta t. Do not do business with this company not trust worthy!
  • We live in tulsa but have a rent house in OKC. This company did a outstanding job.
  • I got my driveway done by Curatola Construction!! They did a fantastic job and saved me time & money in the long run with what they did! I also am going to use them for our drain and gutter cleaning! I"ve heard other friends of mine say that they really do a great job with that also. THANX

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